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welcome to my page

Monday, 28 March 2011

chasing cows

Here we go

right been thinking about this for about 5 hours after someone mentioned it was a lovely day expecting me to suggest something healthy and adventurous to do in the sunshine.

Here's the deal next sunny day go out just dressed in a pair of shorts (preferably tight ones similar to those worn by Terry Mcdermott in the 70's) Find a field with cows in and chase them for ages. Now if thats not enough fun ring the farmer up and tell him whats happening and he needs to get down there in his tractor. Then hope for a chase around the field off the angry farmer in his tractor.

More family fun days out soon

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A last minute decision by the kids or by me for the kids, saw us pack the car with chocolate aero balls and little else apart from their DS's for a hassle free journey. Timing was crucial as we hung a red and white scarf out of the window in the hope that i could flick the v's at some chester tramps on their way to Lancaster as they invade another small village as their bandwagon rolls on.

I didnt get a "are we there yet dad" until around Wigan so a good start to the day, other questions that i had to lie to them with my answer, as all good parents do included :-

1. why is gareth taylor sub
2. why are we in the ground so early
3. why cant we have chips
4. why are there so many police
5. why are they taking photo's of wrexham fans

Unluckily we chose to stand near where the Front Line decided to pitch up tent and had to endure near enough 90 minutes of 'you fucking smackheads' in between bob marley and one step beyond renditions. (v entertaining)

They were also puzzled as to why their dad was shouting at anthony barry and asking him politely why he has massive eyebrows, quick on the uptake the little reds fans noted that the cod mens centre halves were fat which gave me the green light to shout rugby player insults minus wanker or bastard vitriol.

When super frank scored and bundled it over the line i realised that holding 2 kids on the barriers was slightly dangerous as only a last minute lurch saved the little fella from the celebration of the day and landing on the pitch.


I like their big telly

i like their cameraman

i like the idea of showing highlights in the boozer after the game

i like their pitch

i like Les's beard, remember a beard is for life, look after it